Say it with a perfume: a guide to choosing the perfect Christmas gift

Perfume belongs to the category of “gifts” par excellence. Every year, millions of perfumes are handed out as gifts on many different occasions but the choice of a perfume, which may sometimes look accidental, actually always has a hidden meaning to it.

Christmas is the most emblematic of these occasions, it’s a time when we think of bigger gifts or even smaller presents for different types of people we care about, or who we admire.

Thanks to its versatile characteristics and strong expressive capacities, perfume is a perfect Christmas gift regardless of who it is for.

The symbolic value of perfume

The most important thing to keep in mind is the symbology of perfumes: we can affirm that all perfumery, both artistic and mass production, is characterised by symbols that, when juxtaposed, create a true language.
Just like the more popular “Language of flowers” (and it is no coincidence that these were and still are among the most loved raw materials in perfumery) a perfume transmits a message that the lucky recipient can interpret thanks to a code that is becoming ever more popular. 

This guide will help you choose a perfume as a gift and understand what the gift giver wants to say, or even help us to see ourselves through the gift giver’s eyes.

A perfume as a gift for him or her: what’s the difference?

I have often spoken of the “gender” of perfumes. Very often perfumes are divided into fragrances “for him” or “for her”, into male and female perfumes. This distinction may help those who don’t know much about perfumery choose a certain brand or type of scent, but actually, this generalization may trivialise the choice: remember that the right scent for someone is what they like, or could like, regardless of its gender label.

Do not let this simplistic and banal distinction guide you, and remember that a floral fragrance can be perfect for a man and a woody one can be perfect for a woman. The writing on the label should not direct your choice, which should be based on the personality of the person you are getting the gift for.

How to choose the right perfume as a gift

Once the concept we just spoke about is clear, you are now free to be inspired. The first question you should ask yourself is now: how well do I know this person?

If the answer is “quite well” then your choice can be a sentimental one.
What do I mean? Perfume has the magic power of triggering long-term memory and bringing back to mind memories that we thought lost.

If you want to surprise someone you spent some good times with, choose a fragrance that can remind them of those events. It could be a specific perfume (maybe the one you or they were wearing) or a perfume that reminds you of a place or atmosphere (such as a perfume that reminds you of your Summer holidays thanks to notes of coconut or caramel). 

And to make it more personal you can add a note that explains the choice and tells a few anecdotes that involve you both.
The receiver will fall in love with the perfume, even if they don’t know it, thanks to its ability to re-evoke that moment, making them travel back in time!

If the person you are choosing the perfume for is a connoisseur or, more simply, already has one or a couple of favourite perfumes, you will not succeed if you choose a scent similar to the one they love, as it will always feel to them, regardless of its quality, as a copy of the other one. 

Try this trick: choose a fragrance that can be layered with their favourite one without covering it and that will, instead, enhance it. Thanks to layering you can play with different fragrances exalting some of their aspects, in this case you can choose Musk oil by Alyssa Ashley, which not only works perfectly if layered with most compositions, but also makes them last longer.

alyssa ashley musk oil

Different types of perfume and their meaning

When you don’t know the person you would like to give the person to well enough, but you know their distinctive traits, and you still want to tell them something, you can trust the meanings associated with olfactory families.

● Woody perfumes

They are strong and deep scents, associated with the concept of stability and strong character. But they are also flirty and sensual, but moderately, not excessively. They can be a gift for a male or a female, you will communicate admiration for their tenacity.

I suggest my Essence de Patchouli in the eau de parfum version.

● Floral scents

Don’t think of feminine perfumes only, some flowers find a perfect harmony with male skins too. Generally these fragrances are associated with dramatic and artistic

personalities, but you could choose to communicate with the universal language of flowers we have spoken about with a perfume. Choose a rose-scented perfume, it will be like giving someone a bouquet of pink roses, which mean friendship and gratitude. I suggest my new Rose Musk.

● Zesty perfumes

This is how we call perfumes with clear notes of lemon, orange or often Calabrian bergamot. Its crisp notes will be perfect for equally bubbly, active and energetic personalities; they may also fit well with sporty personalities. Giving someone a zesty perfume means giving them an injection of vitality… even to those who need it most! I suggest Green Tea, perfect for both men and women.

● Gourmand scents

This is what we call the olfactory family of perfumes perceived as “sweet”, characterised by accords of vanilla and caramel. It is by now known that they have a direct bond with childhood and are therefore perceived as reassuring. They usually fit well with “dreamers” but also nostalgic people. By giving someone a gourmand scent you are giving the receiver a ticket to the past, reminding them of childhood sweetness.

Choose the absolute sweetness of Vanilla.

Last tips

Now that you know that perfume is not only a very appreciated present, and that it also has strong communicative abilities and that you know the basics of its language you only need to deal with the olfactory pyramid and be guided by inspiration. One last tip: the topic of perfume is used in all artistic areas, once you have chosen the perfect one for him or her try making your gift more original by adding a quote from a poem or a work of art that may remind it. It will make it unforgettable!

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