Natural cosmetics: what are they and their benefits

Natural products are able to provide multiple benefits to our skin. Natural cosmetics or bio-cosmetics are ideal for taking care of your body, hair and face, since they use only 100% vegetable and organic ingredients.

Let's find out together what biocosmetics is and what its characteristics are.

Biocosmetics includes all skin care products made with natural and plant-based ingredients. In addition, these often come from biologic and organic crops.

Natural cosmetics not only respect our skin, but also treat the world around us, nature and animals fairly.

The characteristics of biocosmetics

Did you know that a cosmetic product must meet a series of characteristics to be considered BIO?

  • About 99% of its ingredients must be of natural origin.
  • When the product derives from organic crops, there are no pesticides or chemicals inside.
  • All the ingredients that make it up are natural.Preservatives, dyes, silicones and other artificial and synthetic substances are banned.
  • It is not tested on animals..
  • Packaging is recycled or recyclable.
  • Biocosmetics production has minimal impact on the environment..
  • Biocosmetics have several Ecocert, Cosmébio, USDA or BDIH certificates etc.

Are biocosmetic products really effective?

In recent years, biologic and organic products have become increasingly popular. People very often look for these labels on the items they buy, whether they are talking about food or cosmetics.Do they really work?

A biocosmetic contains ingredients of natural origin, and thanks to its composition it avoids allergies and other dermatological problems. Obviously the effectiveness of BIO cosmetics depends on the composition and the substances it contains inside. However, bio extracts have numerous active ingredients that act more effectively on the skin than other chemical elements.

Why choose a natural cosmetic product?

The skin is our largest organ and like a sponge it absorbs almost 60% of the substances that come into contact with it, including creams and cosmetics.It is really important to be aware of what we apply on our skin!

Let's see 3 main reasons to start using natural cosmetics:

  1. We are slowly but indisputably poisoning our planet.

Many traditional cosmetics contain toxic and harmful substances such as oil-derived products (vaseline, paraffin, silicone) and preservatives known as parabens. Through our skin these chemical and non-natural substances are absorbed and penetrate our body.But the certified organic products (icea, cosmo, aiab ..) are free of chemical and toxic ingredients and are made up of 95% traceable and natural components.

  1. Just a small amount of product is enough to get good results.

Biocosmetic products, thanks to their perfect bio-combination, are more efficient than traditional products because they are rich in vitamins, minerals and micronutrients and a small amount is enough to obtain good results. They are also safer precisely because they are free of nickel, aluminum and other allergens which, by attacking the skin, can cause allergic reactions and skin spots.

How can you be sure to buy BIO cosmetic products respecting all these ideals?

To be sure you are buying products that respect BIO ideals, it is always important to actually read the ingredient label.Choosing biocosmetics means taking care of yourself and your body. Make an informed choice and consider human and environmental health!

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