Post-holiday stress? No, thanks! 5 tips on how to keep on relaxing at home


Naturally, I have got back from my holidays too. I told you something about my holidays in my article about Sicily, but for the rest of the time I chose to put my pen down and relax. I must say I needed it! And today I would like to dedicate a page of my diary to an often underestimated problem, but which needs to be dealt with: post-holiday stress.

It is not just the a tantrum of someone who does not feel like working much, it is a real ailment which affect many people when they get back from their holidays, making them feel tired, uncomfortable and sometimes even depressed, as if they had never unplugged and going back to work (even our dream job) felt like an unbearable obstacle. So I thought I should dedicate a few lines to giving you some tips on how to deal with it (and on how to ease the pain for the end of your summer holidays!).

  1. Take it easy
  2. Keep up the healthy habits
  3. Pamper yourself
  4. Make plans and be optimistic
  5. delegate and take breaks

1.Take it easy

Do not make the mistake of diving right back into work: if you had a pretty long journey, try spending a few days at home before going back to the office, it will help you get back into your daily routine gradually. Still having some time off but in your own home will help you get used to doing everyday activities like doing the laundry, cooking or spending a quiet evening in front of the T.V.. It will help your mind set itself back to its good old habits. Try writing a little check-list of all the housework you need to do and to alternate it with relaxing activities, such as reading a book or watching an episode of a T.V. series, so as to pick up the pace again, but without stressing too much.

2.Keep up the healthy habits

As usual, in this case too, good habits make a difference. Once you are back at work, do not hold on to the bad habits you picked up during your holidays: try sleeping at least 8 hours a day and eat healthily. Often, while on holiday, we sleep a lot but we go to bed late; this way our body gets used to a rhythm which once home we should get rid of to manage to go to bed early and wake up early to go to work. It is, therefore, quite common to suffer from a little insomnia: to avoid this I suggest taking a warm bath before you go to bed and drinking a relaxing herbal tea, it will help you fall asleep more easily. Physical activity too can help bring stress levels down and help you sleep better, so going back to the gym is highly recommended! Last but not least, remember to eat well: while on holiday we often allow ourselves to cheat a little, but our figure is not the only one being affected. Once back home, try going back to healthy eating habits and remember your brain needs carbs (but not too many). So let us choose simple carbohydrates (such as sucrose, honey, jam, fruit) and complex ones (like bread, pasta, rice and cereals). Would you like another tip on how to satisfy both the need to eat healthily and sleep well? The melatonin found in grape peel can be a valid good mood aid and a help for better sleep!

3.Pamper yourself

Remember that you come first: try respecting your own pace and setting aside some space for yourself. Spend at least one hour a day doing something you like, whether it is painting, running, listening to music, do not forget you are the centre of your world. I, for example, dedicate half an hour a day to the well-being of my skin: my beauty routine for face and body is a ritual which relaxes me, pampers me and helps me ease my nerves and end the day. Moreover, I always spend some time meditating or thinking, even just sitting down in front of the window and allowing my thoughts to stream: this way I let my body tell me what it needs and listen to it. Knowing yourself and your needs is important, it is never a waste of time, learn to listen to yourself.

4.Make plans and be optimistic

When you get back from a journey, to go back to everyday life with peace of mind, start planning a new getaway right away, even just for a weekend. Having already planned the next fun experience, a short holiday, will help you deal with going back to the office and workdays with more energy and enthusiasm. Out of town mini-breaks will be like an island in the middle of the sea of work and daily chores you will have to face again! In addition to the mini-breaks, which will be your safety net, I suggest you spend as much time as possible outside, to rest your eyes and enjoy the sunlight while avoiding immersing yourself in the closed and claustrophobic spaces of your office too quickly. The sun will also help you relax and be more optimistic. So try using lunch breaks to spend some time in the open air!

5.Delegate and take breaks

The last tip I want to give you is to delegate. Actually, when it is possible, at the workplace it is always a good practice, it allows us to stay sane and to make a great team, but in this case I suggest you do it to avoid being overwhelmed as soon as you go back to work. Moreover, you can somehow delegate also outside of work: do not jump right into housework (try using technology instead) and do not make too much of an effort in the kitchen, there are some great ready meals (both tasty and healthy) which just need heating up or which cook really quickly. Additionally, while working, try taking breaks often to find your focus again, sometimes right after our holidays, we often tend to get distracted and it can be frustrating. Remember it is normal, and that with time you will go back to working in full swing!


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