Travel perfumes: small size is the perfect travel companion

In this article I will tell you about travel perfumes, which I believe to be one of the essential products to face the holidays (and business trips) with the right mood. If you remove the scent from the rose, it will lose much of its appeal ...

Summer and the desire to travel have finally arrived. The long-awaited summer holidays are upon us. Are you already thinking about what to take on vacation?

I have already started making a list of things to take with me. It is never too early to organize everything perfectly.

This year, my destination will be the sea, so I am already considering what to pack, among all costumes, sarongs, and everything needed to be perfect on any occasion.

Travel perfume: practical and versatile

I can never give up on my beloved perfume. Indeed my 2 beloved perfumes.

I generally love to choose different fragrances according to the occasion. And you probably do the same.After all, most times the perfume you wear in the evening cannot be used in the morning as well!
But when the time to pack comes, it is difficult to carry the 100 or 150 ml formats around, which usually are the most purchased and appreciated. with all the complications that arise from the amount of liquids that can be loaded.

The number of allowed milliliters, in fact, varies depending on the airline with which you have chosen to fly, whether you have a simple hand luggage, or a hold baggage.

If you want to take your perfume, how many milliliters can you take on board?

If you want to travel light and only carry hand luggage, you must know that:

  • You are not allowed to bring more that one liter of liquid per passenger
  • The liquid must be kept into smaller bottles (possibly transparent) with a maximum capacity of 100 ml.
  • The bottles (which can be a maximum of 10) must be inserted into a single transparent pochette measuring 20x20 cm

Therefore it is difficult to bring one or more bottles of perfume in full size format, considering that we will also have to bring hair and body products, sunscreen and make-up products!
In perfumery there is a large variety of perfumes for women and men in sizes ranging from 30ml to 150ml. Buy the size you prefer, but remember that you can carry up to a maximum of 100 ml per pack.
However, you should seek confirmation from the airline you have chosen to fly with. There may be different and specific rules for different companies. This way you can be sure you know which perfume format is best for your journey.

If, however, you love travel formats, you should try mini formats. They are perfectly suitable for plane travels and in the bag, ready to be used on any occasion. That's why I consider travel perfume a real must have. The packs, often between 15 and 30 ml, are easily transportable, both in a suitcase and in a bag, allowing me to bring at least two different fragrances with me to use on many occasions.

Two travel perfumes that make you travel

For a drink by the pool, or by the sea, a fragrance in oil will be fine, with light and dedicate notes, but most importantly, all without alcohol! In fact, alcohol can have negative effects on our skin once it has come into contact with high temperature such as that coming from the sun's rays that directly affect us on the beach. The timeless Musk oil responds to all these needs: it has a very practical format, for both the suitcase and for the handbag, it does not contain alcohol and is also the scent of the iconic Musk oil fragrance by Alyssa Ashley.

Just a few drops of oil are needed on some strategic points to enjoy an enveloping and persistent sensation, nothing better comes to mind for the hottest hours of the day!

What about the evening?

Summer evenings are special, especially during holidays, as we can relax and enjoy every moment. These occasions must involve unforgettable sensory sensations, to the point that often a perfume recalls a holiday, an evening, a city visited, establishing a special feeling between visual and olfactory memories.

Therefore, choose a perfume that recalls luxury, celebration and sensuality, that can be carried in your hand luggage! My 30 ml Ambre Gris is perfect, as its persistence will allow you to apply it before going out and it will stay until dawn, if you want!
The fresh notes of lemon and bergamot mix with those of Moroccan Labdanum, cedar wood and ambergris. A combination of precious essences, also shown by details such as the gold on the package in which it is enclosed.
The mind takes off, and starts visualizing the scene: you and a glass of French champagne, a thousand bubbles and the chill-out Music in the background giving rhythm to the evening.

So carefully choose the perfumes you want during your travels, as these will surely recall the enchanting places you have chosen to visit. So, as you return to the city, or during a harsh winter, a classic gray city day in February, maybe, you can choose to wear them and turn them into your secret to happiness. They will take you back to those warm and sunny places, to those relaxing and fun moments, you will close your eyes and for that brief moment it will seem as if you are still there. They will make your day and your mood better, believe me!

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