When is the perfect time to use Eau Parfumee

This is the time when temperatures rise considerably along with the level of humidity and the number of hours spent outdoors, so it becomes quite necessary to not only wear natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk, but also the need to refresh yourself multiple times throughout the day.

In spite of the rapidly rising temperatures, people do not give up the company of a good smell, that sensation of being wrapped in a cloud of perfume that delicately touches the body. It is precisely for this reason that perfumed waters have been created, with rich yet insubstantial and very light formulations.

Perfumed body waters contains delicate ingredients that do not weigh the skin down and provide a refreshing and soothing sensation.

The choice of perfumed water is a gentle way to pamper oneself and, in my opinion, the right way to respect other people's spaces while avoiding sharp and excessive "olfactory tones" caused by some overly concentrated eau de parfums. This means that eau de parfum is perfect in summer, but suitable for all those occasions where you choose to be wearing your perfume without "imposing" its presence on others.

What scented water is good for

Some may think that scented water is a lighter, less intense version of perfume, and that this is the only feature, but these products allow you to moisturize, refresh and scent your skin even in the summer.

All this is possible due to their olfactory composition as well as their molecular composition: in most cases they are alcohol free or if it is present, it’s in minimal quantities, moreover they contain a percentage of water. One can find tables on the different percentages between alcohol and essential oils, but they confuse the ideas, there are many options suitable for the season and all worthy of being tried, this is the only way we will be able to identify the most suitable fragrances to spend our Summer "in lightness".

They differ from hydrolates, which are waters that derive from the distillation of some raw materials, whose process is essentially used to extract essential oils.

Lastly, body lotions, which replace creams, have a light texture and do not melt at 30°C or stick to the skin like some body butters, designed for warmer seasons.

Whatever way one chooses to perfume oneself, the fact remains that for contemporary society, a good smell is associated with cleanliness and gives a feeling of security: being clean and perfumed means having self-respect and is now considered to be a social need, and today more than ever, safeguarding of nature and the quality of the products used is emphasized.

The scented water gradually evaporates during the day, maintaining a light scent on the skin and clothes, up until the evening. An idea that over the years has been proposed in different ways by several cosmetic companies with different fragrances.

Even Alyssa Ashley has created a line of scented waters, paying homage, in part, to the notes of her iconic fragrances, such as:  Musk, Essence de Patchouli, Vanilla, Cocovanilla, Ambre Gris, White Musk and Purple Elixir.

How to use scented water

Scented Waters can be used in a variety of ways: they are perfect for the body, pleasant once you get out of the shower, a treat to scent your hair, a base or complement to a fragrance you usually wear.

They are fabulous during the summer months but are also worth trying after sports, because they give the push you need at the end of a hard day's work and make you feel more relaxed. If this is what you're looking for, remember to choose citrus notes or even better green notes such as patchouli that can create a balance.

The notes are soft, subtle and with light and delicate nuances, in my opinion it is the best way to reset ones sense of smell and appreciate the smallest details of an olfactory construction.

Alyssa Ashley's latest products are the Eau Parfumée Bio Lab, which can be abundantly sprayed, their function is to moisturize and refresh, in order to give off a feeling of well-being. They are to be used all over the body and in large quantities, which is why they are also called Body Spray.

Alyssa Ashley has also paid a great deal of attention to the environment, the formulations of the Eau Parfumée Bio Lab are of 96% natural origin, Nikel Tested, fully recyclable packaging, in order to respect and maintain a sustainable consumption.

Despite the components high level of quality, the price remains low in order to encourage the purchase of products that are considered goods of wide consumption and great utility.

Biolab Tiare & Almond is one of my favorite scented waters, a relaxing cocktail with extracts of tiare flowers and almonds.

Cologne, Eau de toilette and Eau Parfumee: what is the difference?

Whilst scented water caresses the skin, Eau de Cologne is a vaporised smell that is almost like a poetic verse, persuasive, intimate, it is a classic and often has a citrus base that is characterized by bright notes.

Instead, thanks to an Eau de Toilette, we can grasp the true essence of a fragrance, since the lower concentration and softer construction allow us to decode those details, those notes which, in some cases, would remain trapped in the indecipherable olfactory tangles which characterize parfums.

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