Purple elixir Bagnoschiuma e Docciaschiuma

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I have transformed the moment of the shower or the bath into a magical ritual! How? With the delicate purple elixir shower gel, finely formulated to avoid dryness and dehydration the skin during cleansing, which will release a gentle foam and an enveloping and heady scent when in contact with hot water.

Live the magical experience as in a dream, close your eyes and let yourself be wrapped giving your mind a few minutes of relaxation and recreation between dream and reality.


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Add magic to magic! Make it last all day (or all night) using Purple elixir body lotion. If you want to enhance the oriental aspect, instead, I recommend Vanilla's notes to load your scent of spicy and intriguing hints. I already know that you will fall in love with its fragrance, and that you will make people fall in love it it, which is why I designed a generous package so that you can never interrupt your ritual.

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