Green Tea Eau de Toilette

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Think about a day in July, with blazing sun and a refreshing drink. The Green Tea eau de toilette is like a glass of green tea with ice and lemon. Its green notes recall the harsh citrus fruit that dominates this energetic but fun and disengaged fragrance. I designed this perfume to celebrate the light-heartedness and youth that represent summer. To make you (and me) experience this feeling with your eyes closed I chose melon, the summer fruit par excellence, and I married it with a floral bouquet which reflects fresh and green notes.

Lavender with its rural and strongly aromatic scent with jasmine give the perfume a decisive character, then I added freesia which gives, with its delicacy, olfactory notes very similar to tea ones but also to the citrus ones of Calabrian Bergamot.

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Feel free to experiment and play with the fragrances, sharpen your nose and mix Green Tea eau de toilette in layering with others to enhance the notes. Would you like to enhance its intimate and floral side? I advise you to try it in combination with Fizzy eau de toilette. If you prefer a cleaner perfume and want to intensify the persistence of citrus fruits, Musk oil will be your valuable ally!

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Top notes
  • Sicilian Bergamot Sicilian Bergamot

  • Lemon Lemon

  • Melon Melon

  • Nutmeg Nutmeg

  • Lavender Lavender

Heart notes
  • Jasmine Jasmine

  • Rose Rose

  • Violet Violet

  • Freesia Freesia

Base notes
  • Iris Iris

  • Green Tea Green Tea

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