Purple elixir Crema Corpo e Mani

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A real magic potion for the body. This represents the only way for me to define Purple elixir body and hand lotion with a highly qualitative formulation that allows it to keep your body perfectly hydrated while delicately leaving a very pleasant scent. Get ready, because you will be transported to an enchanted world like the ones you imagine as a child, but this time it is for you to decide if you will be a fairy or a witch!

Massage the body cream with circular movements during application and you’ll find that it will be easily and quickly absorbed without leaving any trace of greasiness and allowing you to wear your bewitched clothes immediately!

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For the astounding effect that you are looking for, you should wear a few drops of Purple elixir eau de parfum or the cologne spray if you want are looking for a full 360 ° experience. The effect will be unique, and nobody will resist your charm!

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