Scented body cream for a healthy and glowing skin

We often say that we want to take care of our body holistically, but we just as easily forget about its largest organ: the skin.

The skin is composed of about 70% water and the remaining 30% protein, fat, minerals and other substances. Its function is essentially protective; like a barrier, it acts against external aggressions.

Precisely for this reason, water is an indispensable element for well-being and for the maintenance of its protective functions, which is why hydrating is fundamental. Water brings benefits to the whole organism therefore also to our skin, to fight the first signs of aging for example, hydrating oneself must be done from the inside and from the outside. A well hydrated skin is visibly healthier.

Moisturizing the skin from the inside: dry skin, tight skin

The fact that skin hydration comes from water is clear by now. But how does it behave in our body?

The part of the water we take into our body that is intended for the skin is stored in the middle layer of the skin, the dermis. From here the water particles naturally move towards the most superficial layer, the epidermis.

The evaporation of part of these water particles is totally natural (not to be confused, however, with sweat, which is produced by the glands) but, especially in some circumstances, this loss of particles can be greater than normal and lead to dehydration.

The climate has a great influence on the ability of the cells of the epidermis to retain water: in summer, high temperatures accelerate evaporation and in winter hydration is slower to reach the upper layers. In addition to these conditions, it is necessary to keep in mind one's own skin type, which can be naturally drier than others.

How to moisturize the skin

I talked about internal hydration and foreign hydration, this is because in order to ensure an elastic and young skin it is necessary that these two actions are synergetic, without forgetting one or the other.

For internal hydration, as you know, drinking about 1.5 liters of water per day is enough. The balance between fluid loss and water intake is maintained by the body thanks to the skin layers’ ability to absorb water from the surrounding atmosphere, food and skin care products.

The famous two liters of water that we need to take in during the day serve not only to purify our internal bodies and eliminate toxins, but also to bring a good degree of hydration to the whole body, including the skin.

For external hydration, on the other hand, you will have to resort to creams and body lotions. Choose a cream that has the ability to retain water cells in the epidermis longer by binding them naturally, but not creams that prevent evaporation by clogging the pores because in this case, the hydration will be short-lived and not intense.


To have healthy skin, however, moisturizing from the inside is not enough. We must also take care of it through the use of products such as body creams and lotions that are:

  • Moisturizing, that is, capable of retaining water cells in the epidermis

Anti-dehydrating, i.e. able to create a barrier against the excessive loss of liquids through evaporation and binding the water cells in a natural way, without, however, preventing the interaction between the internal and external environment of the epidermis. Some products, in fact, obstruct the pores that do not allow evaporation, these creams in fact do not guarantee lasting hydration but only momentarily.

Emollient, that is capable of making the skin soft and smooth to the touch.

It is often believed that only dry skin needs to be moisturized. In reality, all skin types are only healthy when regenerated in water. A well moisturized skin is soft, supple, radiant, and naturally younger.

That's why I recommend using an emollient cream, every day, after the shower.

My hand and body creams combine moisturizing and emollient elements to leave your skin healthy, velvety soft, and delicately scented with my signature fragrances. Their formula allows for quick absorption without leaving your skin feeling greasy while providing long-lasting hydration.

To retain water and reduce evaporation, we at Alyssa Ashley use emollient oils, and lanolin oil makes this hydration more persistent and helps the skin's elasticity.

Scented body cream

A proper beauty routine should include the use of body cream every day, just as it is intended for facial skin care. To make this beauty treatment more intense and pleasant, I recommend choosing a scented body cream that has the known moisturizing characteristics added to a delicate scent.

The beauty of Alyssa Ashley lotions, as I said before, is the olfactory note that characterizes them. This allows you to use them not only to take care of your skin, but also as a basis for enhancing the olfactory result of the fragrance, if you decide to wear the same note of the lotion, or even as a basis of the before mentioned layering concept, if you want to use a different fragrance from that of the body lotion, but you want to give it a touch of personality 'to make it unique.

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