Why does the smell of coconut make us feel good?

It has the scent of summer and the flavor of those cookies you find near the supermarket checkout that tempt you at the end. In the words of James Joyce, its olfactory profile brings to life the concept of Epiphany.

The smell of coconut makes us smile and, maybe for a few seconds, takes us far away with our imagination and makes us happy. But why does this happen?

Just a picture of its white pulp or its woody shell, apparently trivial images, to reveal something deeper, more significant and unexpected.

It may be a coincidence but coconut is the first part of the verb to pamper, so, vacation effect aside, it is a note used to create delicious gourmand accords that will complement formulas that embrace our senses.

Coconut perfume means summer in a bottle, close your eyes: warm air caressing your skin, golden beaches and the freshness of coconut milk sheltering you from the heat.

Remember that perfume is magic, it's a way to stop our favorite season. It's always summer even when it's coming to an end and vacations are a memory, preserving these moments and making them ever present is possible by spraying a coconut fragrance that immediately makes "hot sun", even in November.

Coconut in perfumery

The coconut note is a very versatile material and in perfumery, it is called Aldehyde C18 even if it lacks the marked top notes that distinguish true aldehydes, in reality it is a lactone and goes perfectly with other lactones.

Try to combine Aldehyde C18 with Aldehyde C14, even if it makes you smile and looks like a naval battle, it is the meeting of coconut notes with a pulpy peach juice.

Coconut Aldehyde is a natural isolate with dreamy and pervasive notes, it has an important persistence.  With the use of the term natural isolate, means a component present in nature which has been separated from the rest, usually during distillation by means of fractionation. To facilitate the procurement of such molecules is also synthetically reconstructed by man, in perfumery, to obtain the scent of fresh coconut pulp, a CO2 extraction is performed just from the pulp of the fruit.

Coconut loves to take over and become the protagonist, its strength, often underestimated, could grow in intensity to the point of making a formula quite unpleasant. Fundamental will therefore be the right dose to give the compound a balance between sweetness and creaminess.

The result is a mouth watering transparent liquid, with undertones of fruit and woods.

Coconut in nature and the benefits of coconut oil

Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera), a tree plant belonging to the Arecaceae family.


It is referred to as the "tree of life" because all of its parts can be used:

  • The pulp is rich in minerals, the fruit is poor in sugars, definitely recommended for sportsmen.
  • Coconut water is drunk, it hydrates during hot days
  • Shells and leaves are used as furniture and decoration materials.
  • Coconut oil used for hair and body care


We could say that coconut is a fruit that is good for the body and soul: if the scent lifts the soul from the grayness, the oil is a real panacea for the body, but especially for the hair.

Hair is subjected to great stress during summer seasons, the sun, salt sea water, chlorine in the pool and frequent washing.

A restructuring coconut oil pack should become an integral part of our beauty routine, it helps make the hair strong and soft and smells so sweet.

On the market it is available in different forms: pure, cold pressed, refined, organic, unrefined.

It is usually well tolerated but before trying coconut oil, it is recommended to assess any hypersensitivity.


Coconut according to Alyssa Ashley

The sweet notes of coconut become even more irresistible when combined with flowers such as gardenia and jasmine, while, used with exotic flowers, tiare, ylang ylang, enrich the postcards of our travels with details and colors.

Alyssa Ashley has chosen to marry coconut with vanilla, the sweet scent makes you dream and reminds of days spent on the beach characterized by the typical smell of sunscreen. Available in eau de toilette, scented water, body and hand cream. Just to make you dream a little, this is the olfactory pyramid:


Top Notes

  • Lemon
  • Passion Fruit
  • Vanilla Flower
  • Coconut

Heart Notes

  • Tiare flowers
  • Heliotrope
  • Coconut Milk

Base Notes

  • Vanilla
  • Caramel
  • White Amber

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