Ambre Gris Eau de Parfum

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Ambre Gris is a sensual and persistent perfume which evokes Ambergris’s oriental fragrances of Ambergris. This perfume blows my mind away and makes me discover the beauty of the world by taking me on an experiential and olfactory journey. We set off from the Mediterranean sea which gives it the fresh notes of Sicilian lemon and the ones of the Bergamot, also known as "Calabria’s Green gold", we sail to Morocco to be seduced by the Labdanum absolute, which has been known for centuries for its aphrodisiac properties, we then reach Virginia with the essential oil of cedar wood, which gives it a balsamic and persistent note, and ends with the sea’s gold, ambergris.

The link to the gold of the sea and the gold of Calabria is not random: gold has always represented incorruptibility, eternity, light and elevation. The journey of Ambre Gris is more than a multisensory journey but also represents an inner journey, an intimate and reflective moment in the re-discovery of your own sensuality.


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"Warm, sensual, intense, with personality, it won’t go unnoticed. After years of research, I feel like have found 'my' perfume."

- Paola

My Ambre Gris is a persistent and fascinating eau de perfume. Wear this perfume when you want to be noticed, on special occasions and it will spontaneously enhance your sensuality. Its dry and balsamic notes, slightly animal, bring out a determined but elegant personality, perfect for him and her.

Thought for him and her

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Top notes
  • Limone Siciliano Lemon

  • Pepe Rosa Pink Peppercorn

Heart notes
  • Rosa di Bulgaria Bulgarian Rose

  • Gelsomino Indiano Indian Jasmine

Base notes
  • Legno di Cedro del Virginia Cedarwood Virginia

  • Labdano Marocchino Labdanum

  • Ambra Amber

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