Essence de Patchouli Cologne Spray

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My patchouli has become an icon of the 70s, my fantastic fragrance in the strong and determined version of Essence de patchouli eau de parfum, also confirms its personality in the cologne spray version. For example, I use it when I need a discreet fragrance to wear for work, in the office when I want to convey firmness and determination without being intrusive. Thanks to its formula, it can be vaporized all over the body in a seductive cloud or on clothes.

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Whether your Patchouli is the more intense version of the eau de parfum or the more discreet version of the Cologne spray, you will definitely want to try the exceptional combination with the body cream. The perfume will not be released only from the hottest (and most strategic) points of your body, but thanks to the cream and cologne spray it will stand by you by merging with your skin and leaving an almost imperceptible but always present fragrance.

image/svg+xml Fragrance

Top notes
  • Rosa Rose

  • Geranio Geranium

Heart notes
  • Iris Iris

Base notes
  • Patchouli Patchouli

  • Musk Musk

  • Vaniglia Vanilla

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