Who is Banksy? An artist who always hits the spot

I love to describe myself as a daughter of art: you should know my story by now and know that I have always been connected to Art, with a capital A; it flows through my veins and guides me in the search for beauty, in all its different forms.

My father, the last artist belonging to the Surrealist movement, educated me from an early age to see a perfume and to smell an image. A creative path based on sensory experiences: contaminations of different perceptions, which harmoniously coexist at the same time. Perfumery art, is a passion that has translated into the need to share my love for his works with you, offering high quality products with strong identity, which can transport you to any place of the world by simply smelling them.

The evocative power of perfumes has always fascinated me. Each one of us has an olfactory memory: the scents in fact remain stuck in both our real and imaginary memories. The fragrances linked to lived experiences give life to my creations.

I surrounded myself with perfume artists, I attended lively workshops where the masters unleashed their creativity without any kind of limitation to their genius, united by one objective: evoking elegance and uniqueness. Perfumery is art and the main feature of Art is its ability to be enjoyed and understood by anyone. The same happens with perfumes: the same fragrance can excite a woman and can be worn by a man. 

The art of Bansky

Like other art forms, perfumery is capable of transmitting emotions, involving one of the most disparaged senses within the common concept of art, smell.

This is why I have always been fascinated by Banksy, whose communicative effectiveness lies in this: you do not need to know the world of Street Art to understand what its images communicate. His graffiti are so explicit and instantly understandable that they capture the attention of the observer in a completely spontaneous way. What is striking at first glance is his sarcasm, because what links Banksy's works is certainly irreverence and provocation, followed by reflection on the work. Protest messages structured precisely to strike straight at people's hearts and consciences: humor is the key that manages to attract attention and later obliges you to weigh up the subject matter. War atrocities, homosexual rights, pollution, child exploitation, abuse of power are just some of the themes addressed by the artist, whose messages take on a strong social and political value.

The artist’s real identity is unknown,but he was born in Bristol and has succeeded with his masterpieces in spreading his idea of ​​art everywhere, on roads, walls and bridges all over the world: from Gaza to London, New York and Paris.

During the lockdown, I followed the Street Artist with curiosity and his hilarious description of daily life lived in quarantine: on Instagram, he showed the disaster made inside the bathroom by the now famous mice locked inside a house home. Banksy, in line with the millions of Britons forced to live in isolation, left a caption linked to the trend of smart working and the comment is completely sarcastic: «My wife hates it when I work from home ».

Quarantine therefore did not stop his creativity: another mural, still made using the stencil technique, suddenly appeared at the General Hospital in Southampton. "Game changer" is the title of the touching homage to the doctors and nurses on the front line against coronavirus.

Not Batman nor Spider-Man, left in the basket of games: today's hero is a nurse. A child is in fact playing with a puppet that looks like a nurse: the doll is wearing a Red Cross apron, a mask on the face and a cape, which with its raised arm, make her look like Superman (or even better, Wonder Woman). This is how the British artist makes his indelible tribute to doctors and health workers, tirelessly working for months against an invisible enemy: they are the new superheroes. After sharing the work on his social profile, the anonymous writer left a note to the hospital staff thanking them for their amazing help; the only color note is the red cross on the nurse's chest. A tribute which was not taken for granted, carried out in its usual dissonant way, which will undoubtedly give strong moral motivation to all the operators and patients in the English hospitals, allowing any observer to take a break from the frenzy of this period.

Once again Banksy proves to be a new generation social speaker: his original and creative communication goes outside the box by conveying suggestive messages capable of attracting the whole world's attention. His works invite the observer to reflect on the represented theme. To become aware, after a moment of reflection, of the world in which he lives. He is free from any constraint and ensures that his messages are pure and truthful.

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