Musk Bubbling bath and shower gel

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Almost as iconic as its perfume, Musk shower gel has become a cult product. It’s a symbol of entire decades and millions of people have let themselves be pampered with its pleasant foam and still offers a sparkling and sensual experience. Its delicate formula cleans your skin without drying it up and the warm water pushes the sensual notes of the Musk making you feel immediately wrapped in a cloud of pleasure. Give yourself a moment of relaxation and well-being but also of intense beauty for your skin every day!

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My Musk shower gel has a light texture and produces a pleasant and delicate foam when in contact with water, releasing an exceptional scent. Prepare your skin to be stroked and pampered by Musk's body lotion, if you want to enhance its perfume, however its delicate fragrance is perfect to be combined with others without being intrusive

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