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Musk Cologne spray is designed for those who want to cover themselves in their beloved Musk from head to toe! it is also perfect to be used on clothes and to be vaporized on the body as a body perfume so that every square inch of your skin shows sensuality to the world. My Musk has become a symbol of a generation, of a revolutionary and sensual era, in which love, passion and changes interacted with each other. This is the Musk by Alyssa Ashley’s character, born as the very known oil version, I also decided to propose it in the eau de parfume, eau de toilette and obviously perfumed water versions, to satisfy the demand of those who cannot do without its seductive fragrance.

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The untouchable sensuality of this scented water transforms it into a discreet fragrance, perfect to be vaporized all over the body, to communicate one's personality without ever being excessive or intrusive. I like to wear it on clothes, spraying it on the hem of the skirt or the collar of the jacket, thanks to its notes which leave an unforgettable clean scent.

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Top notes
  • Bergamotto Siciliano Sicilian Bergamot

Heart notes
  • Assoluto di Iris Absolute of iris

  • Fave di Tonka Tonka beans

  • Musk Musk

  • Vaniglia Vanilla

Base notes
  • Assoluta di Rosa Rose absolute

  • Assoluto di Gelsomino Jasmin absolute

  • Ylang Ylang Ylang Ylang

  • Geranio Geranium

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