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Oil is the primary form of perfume in history and is also the form in which many of the natural raw materials give us their smell. The perfumed oil is a reconnection with its origins, an invitation to the multisensory feeling of the olfactory experience which is merged to the tactile one in a smooth, crystalline and intense product. All this is Musk oil, the firstborn of my family, tenacious and persistent just like the passion of the young people who made it famous in the 70s. You will only need a few drops of oil in some strategic point (don't worry, click here to see how to do it!) to enjoy an enveloping and persistent sensation which is totally alcohol free. This feature makes Musk perfumed oil a faithful friend to all types of skin, even the most sensitive ones!

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My Musk scented oil also represents my version of the cult fragrance extract. This means that it contains the highest concentration of essential oils compared to all the other versions, it is also characterized by a surprising persistence and is perfect to be combined with other versions of the same Musk or with other fragrances to make them more persistent.

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