Vanilla Cologne Spray

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I created the Vanilla Cologne spray for those who love being fully enveloped in vanilla. Each spray will leave you feeling stroked by a perfumed and sensual caress, with sweetness and sense of loving protection. In addition, every moment requires its scent, so choose to be accompanied by a cloud of cologne spray whenever you want, maybe even on clothes (what about the collar of the jacket or the hem of the skirt?) Let me share a little secret with you ... already in the 700 women of the bourgeoisie used to perfume their fans leave a pleasant scent in the air that surrounded them!

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I also recommend Vanilla scented water as a base for a layering, to release the gourmand part of your favorite fragrance even more. This layering will provide unique, personalized and highly persistent results. It will be YOUR personal and never intrusive vanilla. For a complete "vanillary" effect you can also choose Vanilla body lotion to get your skin ready for delight.

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