Esxance 2022


On Wednesday 15th of June, at around 10:00 a.m, the doors to Esxance opened, an international trade fair dedicated to the artistic perfumery and beauty products, which continues to attract curious bystanders and industry professionals from all over the world, on a yearly basis.

An event that offers the stage to a wide variety of actors. There are several and for all tastes the proposals in this edition.

After two years of standstill, for reasons we are all familiar with, Esxance 2022 has reached its 12th edition and starts again from Milan.

Here are some numbers for you:

There were 281 exhibiting brands (+25 percent compared to the last edition in 2019) divided into Main Brands (108) and Spotlight Brands.(173).

Whilst Experience Lab, the section dedicated to beauty and cosmetics, welcomed 66 exhibiting brands.

31 countries of origin arranged on 8,000 square meters of exhibition space. 70% foreign exhibitors out of the total. 9,200 the number of visitors. 25 conferences and meetings offered by the Esxence events calendar.

Important participation of foreign brands, some of them new entries, from: Japan, Hungary, Australia, Argentina, Hong Kong.

The organizers of what becomes for us an earthly paradise, confirmed their mission in promoting olfactory and cosmetic culture, also for the edition that has just ended.

Much more than a fair, CFF, with Keva and Nova as partners, took us through workshops and sensory experiences. While on the lowest floor, but still among the highest things, the Osmothèque desk, straight from Versailles.

Passion also got its recognition, with the ADJIUMI space, an official partner of the event and a reference group for perfume lovers, of which I am the founder.

There were many new features at Esxence 2022, starting with the theme of this edition of the fragrance show, "Through The Mirrors."

The power of the mirror, with its ability to restore, reflect and sometimes even distort things.

"Through The Mirror" translates into, intimacy, beauty, awareness, information.

Therefore, the mirror became the fragrant red thread, this year's signature element.

A reflecting circle, perfect for selfies and placed at the entrance, was the paradigm of the kaleidoscopic world in which we are involved, sometimes as employees, sometimes as enthusiasts, or as customers, increasingly experienced and aware.

Mirror that allows us to see countless facets of reality and through it we can explore distant worlds, with the help of raw materials. 

Thus perfume is a reflection of our multiple personalities, capable of telling the story of our deepest self and essence.


In a layout adapted to the new location, with clean, clear layouts, some customization and few decorations, Esxence, shows special attention to the theme of sustainability in the beauty industry, explored in depth in a series of talks and special initiatives.

In addition, there was an original exhibition, created in collaboration with the International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), set up within the exhibition route.

"Fleeting-Scents in Color," an excerpt from the Mauritshuis Picture Gallery exhibition of the same name in The Hague.

Thanks to pedal-operated perfumers placed at the base of some of the paintings, it was possible to smell the odors and scents of the 17th-century landscapes depicted in the individual works, with the aim of exploring art, not only visually, but also from a new olfactory perspective.

Esxence, The Scene of Excellence, the world's benchmark appointment for Artistic Perfumery, awaits you next year in the spaces of MiCo, Milano Convention Centre, beating heart of the CityLife District.

And it is for those nostalgic for a perfume fair that has just ended, an excuse to meet again is in September, Florence, Pitti Fragranze, at Stazione Leopolda.

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