Events and Fairs

New year, new beginnings, but same old passion, together with the events that will give life and vigour to perfumery in Italy, the various appointments with inevitable presentations of emerging brands and the novelty of more established brands will return.


We start with Accademia del Profumo, an initiative of Cosmetica Italia, founded in 1990, with the aim of enhancing perfume and promoting creativity.

For them, we will select body and ambiance fragrances, I am one of the members of the jury, who will be part of a shortlist of finalists, divided into categories. Consumers, the real judges, will decide the best, or those products that will have distinguished themselves throughout the year, for beauty and originality.

These are the main categories

- best men's and women's perfume in traditional perfumery

- best women's and men's packaging

- best artistic perfume independent brand, without gender

- best room fragrance

There will be special awards, for example, to the nose creator, responsible perfume innovation and much more.

It is the world's leading trade fair for the entire professional cosmetics and beauty industry, but there is also something to smell at Cosmoprof in Bologna from 16 to 20 March. I invite you, however, not to tire your nose too much, because after a few days Esxence will start in Milan.

But let's go in order, since 21 March will be celebrated as National Perfume Day, a way to reiterate the importance of this topic and an opportunity to bring newcomers closer to the world of fragrance, thanks to a series of meetings and initiatives. Established in 2017, again by the Accademia del Profumo, it is now in its seventh edition, corresponding to the first day of spring.

And here is Esxence 2023, in Milan, from 30 March to 2 April, one of the Italian trade fairs dedicated to international artistic perfumery. The opportunity for operators and enthusiasts to get to know the kaleidoscopic world of perfumes. History and traditions combine with innovation and research.

I advise you to follow the official website because in a few days you will discover all the details on the calendar and the main protagonists of this edition. The extraordinary participation of the Osmothèque remains, with its stand, among the most interesting and unmissable things about the fair. Admission, I repeat, is not reserved for professionals only. A message of exclusivity is at the heart of good and beautiful perfumery.

Pitti Fragranze will be held in September, from 15 to 17, the second fair dedicated to essences, an exceptional observatory where perfumes will be highlighted.

Not only beauty at Milano Beauty Week 2023, which will take place from 27 September to 2 October. Events and calendar directly on the official website.



There is no shortage of enthusiasm and optimism among industry operators and professionals, so there will be plenty of training. These are planned throughout the year, and some will feature me.

At the Ateneo dell'olfatto, in Rimini, these are the main courses planned:

- Introduction to the art of perfumery

- Smells and perfumes between science and society

- Olfactory marketing, perfume for selling

- Online Master Class, the senses of perfume

- Full immersion in formulation, consisting of 24 hours, divided into 3 days


At the Italia Perfumery Institute, I am one of the lecturers, the Fragrance Evaluator & Marketing Specialist course is taking place. These are courses designed to develop, at different levels, the fundamental knowledge of the perfume world. Doing well today, for the good of the supply chain tomorrow, through new figures. We need them!

In Parma there is an Open Day on 27 January at Mouillettes & Co, a regular appointment since 2018. The doors of the school will open and you will be accompanied on olfactory paths through the various spaces of the building. While the first week of Professione Olfatto will start in February. The calendar is so full that I recommend you consult it, it is practical and quick and can be found on the official website.

There is room for everyone, are you ready to sniff along with us?

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