Musk: between myth and legend the story of one of the most mysterious raw material of perfumery

"Musk" is a magic word in the perfumery industry. Its name is often confused with the term moss with which it has nothing to do!

What is musk perfume made of ?

Musk is in fact an element of animal origin whose penetrating and unmistakable scent has bewitched, and still does, the noses of the first perfumers! The extract was initially used in the form of perfumed oil and its persistence was immediately appreciated. Its animal and meaty notes gave sensuality to the perfumes used by men and women. Giuseppina, Napoleon's wife, used to use this this trendy fragrance so much that, with a group of her followers, they called themselves the " muscadines ", because of their love for musk. The fragrance initially came from an animal, but the industrial revolution made it possible to chemically produce the molecule, which is why it has only been used in synthetic for many years . So in 1888 the first musk was synthesized, starting experiments that would lead to an enlargement of the available choice which will accompany and harmonize other components, placing it among the base notes of the olfactory pyramid.
In nature

In nature

"The term musk is not connected to the word moss but derives from the Sanskrit" "mrgamada" "which literally means" "Antilope’s love secretion"".

What is musk perfume made of

The musk comes from inside the glands of the musk deer (Moschus Moschiferus) originally from Tibet, China and Nepal. The odorous bags are naturally released by the animal during the mating period (justifying the purely sensual smell), the creation of its synthetic replica has been useful to respond to the growing demand by perfumers and also to safeguard the animal. The mysterious side of musk continues to enchant and attract, its synthesis formula is among the most fascinating: some say that by smelling the molecule when it is just obtained, most people cannot perceive any smell, and that the first traits of scent are only revealed after some time. Musk's synthetic molecule is heavy and therefore not very volatile, which makes it difficult to perceive from the very first moment, but also makes it very persistent. This is why the fragrance in the form of eau de toilette and eau de parfume seems to be more powerful at the beginning as alcohol is able boost it up while the oil (alcohol-free) presents its fragrance in a more delicate but more long lasting way.


  • Its animal character led it to be considered a real love filter

  • In traditional Chinese medicine it is still used as a remedy for treating impotence

  • The sensual smell of musk confers self-confidence and sensuality

My Musk

My Musk

Musk was my first perfume, it was born with me, I chose it because it connects me to my roots, to the historic Houbigant perfume house that created the first formulation of Musk. This was first launched on the market with the name of Musk by Alyssa Ashley in oil version in line with the changes and revolutions happening in that period. The success is linked to the product’s symbol, from its no-gender connotation to all the quality of its formula, made up of over 100 highly prized raw materials designed to give a discreet, sensual but not excessive connotation, which are what make it sob unique. The musk lying between the base notes ensures an extraordinary persistence, and perfectly matches with a floral heart of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang, closing with an important note of Iris and vanilla.

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