Cocovanilla Cologne Spray

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Cocovanilla cologne spray is the perfect perfumed summer water. It contains a sweet and fresh cocktail of ingredients just like a dessert, with coconut, vanilla, passion fruit and Tiare flowers refreshing your skin all day long without adding weight to it, which is essential during summer. I also use this cologne as scented water for my hair leaving a golden trail of sunshine behind me. It is perfect for everyday use and stays by my side in the office, on the beach and until the evening for my happy hours and dinners with friends. It recalls summer and relaxing moments full of laughter and relaxation in my memory and prints a beautiful smile on my face, which is why I use it.

Cocovanilla scented water is fresh and light with a warm base note that resembles the sun of the beaches I love. But if you are looking for an extra enveloping note, you coulddo like me and enhance the sensual note of the amber and vanilla contained in his cocktail by mixing it with green tea scented water, to create a perfect balance between spicy sweetness and energizing freshness. If, on the other hand, you want to turn this coconut and vanilla mix into the scent of your holidays, you should try the very light Cocovanilla body and hand cream, which will make your skin fall in love.

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Top notes
  • Limone Lemon

  • Frutto della Passione Passion Fruit

  • Fiore di vaniglia Vanilla Flower

  • Cocco Coconut

Heart notes
  • Fiori di Tiare Tiare Flowers

  • Eliotropo Heliotrope

  • Latte di cocco Coconut Milk

Base notes
  • Vaniglia Vanilla

  • Caramello Caramel

  • Ambra bianca White ambra

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