Tonka MuskEau de Parfum

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A warm, enveloping and sensual fragrance. Tonka Musk born from an intriguing and unexpected mélange, like Love. It arrives when you least expect it.
The fragrance opens with a brilliant note of Cinnamon that leads to a sensual and mysterious heart, composed of black Amber and Tonka bean. On the bottom, a warm Vanilla and a soft Musk embrace the elements of the composition.


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"Life and dreams are sheets of the same book. Reading them in order is living, leafing through them randomly is dreaming"

- Arthur Schopenhauer

Salvador Dalì, Surrealism ... and that desire to create something that was more real than reality itself. A dream world in which it is possible to get lost. The world where we wake up when we evaporate Tonka Musk by ALYSSA ASHLEY. Its intoxicating effect hypnotizes us and transports us to a reality where time and sensations are free, in a more real world than reality itself.

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Top notes
  • cannella Cinnamon

Heart notes
  • ambra Amber

  • Fave di Tonka Tonka beans

Base notes
  • Muschio Musk

  • vaniglia Vanilla

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