The right balance between elegance and sensuality

What does white musk smell like?

In the White musk combinations, the sensual and animal notes of the bottom musk are made elegant, rounder, sweeter, by the white flowers of the heart. It uses jasmine and ylang ylnag to balance the animal part with the sweet and pure one. We go further with notes related to jasmine when we want to enhance the animalized facet or towards the ylang ylang if it is the sweetest but equally sensual part that we want to enhance. White musks are considered a more delicate category of musk.
white musk by alyssa ashley white flowers
white flower for white musk by alyssa ashley

My White Musk

Musk by Alyssa Ashley starts from the musky base of my original musk, softening it through jasmine and ylang ylang to balance the sensual and animal part, also bringing a touch of exquisite elegance through the use of rose. The geranium highlights the rose’s spicy facet, harmonizing the result with skill. It is a perfume capable of expressing femininity and a dreamer’s soul.