Purple Elixir Cologne Spray

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Just like a real magic elixir, I use the purple elixir Cologne spray to create an enchanted and fragrant atmosphere around me, to bewitch and make my wishes come true. Thanks to its formula with a lower concentration of essential oils, it is sprayed all over the body and is suitable for body use but can also be applied on clothes, giving a discreet but magical fragrance. This colorful and fun fragrance can be combined with the others from the pret a porter line, like a painter’s palette that gives voice to his creativity through a full application of colors, I invite you to try them, mix them, study them and make them stimulate your nose!

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I want to reveal my magic formula, my ritual: to increase the scent from the Purple elixir cologne spray I use the bubble bath from the same line before spraying it (it’s just wonderful!) And to enhance its formula I make my skin magical with Purple elixir body lotion. Unleash your mysterious side!

image/svg+xml Fragrance

Top notes
  • Gelsomino Jasmine

  • Anice Anise

Heart notes
  • Legno di Cashmeran Cashmeran

  • Fiori d'arancio Orange Flowers

  • Eliotropo Heliotrope

Base notes
  • Vetiver Vetiver

  • Accordo di Musk Musk Agreement

  • Ambra Amber

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