Get to glowing and shine bright like a diamond

Let's call it body makeup, let's call it "glotion" (glitter + lotion), let's call it exactly what we like and use it all year round. Sparkling body lotions and gels and illuminating "potions" are a real must for everyday glow. The latest generation creams and oils give a fresh and light glow: a natural shine, whose shades vary from bronze to champagne, and envelop the whole body. They give the skin an instant radiant appearance, and smell just like the holiday or the fragrance of our dreams.

Don't think about an exclusive use only during the summer, body lotions and glitter work 365 days a year!

These “glotion” products contain nourishing, emollient and moisturizing substances for the skin and give it a soft and silky texture. Plus, each formulation is designed to stay on your skin until your next shower, so you can always rinse it off and try something new.

Don't stop shining during these holidays with my Golden Glitter Moisturizer a silky soft body lotion for an enviable shine.

glitter body lotion

This product also deeply nourishes the skin through a generous blend of moisturizing and soothing ingredients, enriched with subtle golden flecks, for a wonderfully discreet and chic glow.

The ideal product if you want to bring that magical glow with you every day of the year.

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