In the early 1980s the so-called amber woods were born, and among many others, the first was probably ambrox, an isomer of ambergris.

When we speak of amber woods, we are only referring to synthetic notes, highly valued for their diffusion in formula and persistence. Modern and unusual molecules, characterized by many contrasts.

They are considered woods because some raw materials have woody undertones, olfactory profiles reminiscent of sandalwood, vetiver or patchouli.

The Iso E Super, Javanol, Karanal, Vertofix, just to name a few examples.

Why are they also amber? They are reminiscent of the distinctive shades of ambergris.  Enveloping, salty, warm aromas, such as amber xtreme.

We may consider these raw materials to be of recent creation but they have quickly taken center stage. Perfumery brands have made amber woods the keynote of entire successful collections.

Among my favorites, because of its striking facets, is definitely Cashmeran. Have you ever smelled a cashmere sweater?

Indomuscone is a molecule with an unmistakable, mysterious smell, a swirl, a suspension in a vacuum. It does not complete the formula, it supports it, enhances it and warms it.

The name, deposited IFF, is Cashmeran and its reconstruction is the result of the need to reproduce the ‘feel and comfort’ of a ball of the precious wool and yarn in contact with the skin.

The olfactory emotions of a molecule, even a synthetic one, come loud and clear to those who can grasp them, like messages in a bottle. They are best expressed within a perfume.

Cashmeran is many things all at once..

During my meetings in perfumeries, among customers and fans, it is a molecule that cannot be missing from my materials. I like to tell about it and introduce it blindly, without giving too many details.

Listening to the various comments is always constructive, sometimes I write them down. These are some free thoughts:

- It's a balanced aroma

- A scent that gives me confidence

- Warm and enveloping matter

How about you? What are you waiting for to try some Cashmeran? Let me know what you think and in case you have any questions, concerns, requests, please do not hesitate to contact me, using the service offered by Alyssa Ashley "Ask the Expert"

It is not an easy thing to work with indomuscone, because of its’ characteristics and properties, only a little is needed to release its full olfactory profile.

It’s a base note but it has a strong impact in the headnotes, it brings a very special vibration to the fragrance.

Incredible with the musky facet, it comes out as a surprise and makes everything even more magical.

What can come out of the combination of the lively, gentle and charming notes of Cashmeran with the sweetly sensual aroma of a vanilla pod?

Cashmeran Vanilla, one among the new eau de parfum from the house of Alyssa Ashley, an infinite embrace.

The Ashley brand has always made refinement, team spirit and inclusion, cornerstones, and it reconfirms this in this new scent.

A deep, rich and complex aroma, woody yes but never overly dark, harmoniously sweet and creamy and obviously sparkling with vanillin and soft Cashmeran.

The nature of the molecules selected to create this perfume is very versatile, allowing it to be worn on any occasion. Sometimes we can perceive it soft with ethereal exotic notes, other times, more creamy and woody.

In addition to Cashmeran Vanilla, there are three other new eau de parfums:

- Vanilla

- Oud Patchouli

- White Patchouli

I will talk about it soon, good perfume.

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