New Musk Parfumed deodorant

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A Musk perfumed deodorant, why not? We created the same Musk deo spray that it is effective and gentle on the skin, taking care of it by perfuming and protecting it. Its formula contains antibacterial active ingredients that prevent the development of microorganisms that cause bad odors. He will be your faithful ally throughout the day, keeping you "cool" and leaving a delicate scent on your clothes, but with a newly developed formula that is green and environmentally sustainable, which doesn’t in any way harm the ozone layer.

If you don't really want to get this fragrance off of your mind (or your skin!) You will love this deodorant. I designed it just for the lovers of my Musk, for those who have always used it and could not do without it, because it gives you a dip in your past every time, and for those who are looking for an unconventional deodorant with a fragrance which is different from the usual ones.

First of all, it has the same fragrance as your beloved Musk, so it will perfectly match the perfume and the whole body line to make your musk experience really intense! Second, it can be combined with other fragrances given its discreet and persistent character.


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My deodorant spray is the perfect combination of delicate fragrance and protection. I included it in my beauty ritual for its iconic fragrance: I choose shower gel and musk body lotion to cleanse and perfume my skin, to make it ready to receive cologne spray and to be sprinkled with perfumed Musk deodorant. This fragrance will talk about me and my personality, without using words.

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