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The Origins...
End of the 60’s.

The end of the 60’s an evolution was in motion. The younger generation rebelled against the norm and craved the simple life. Houbigant inspired by the surroundings, created a unisex scent and designed an emblem of a man and woman intertwining symbol on a simple bottle design.

The male and female sign represented a androgynous wear as well as a sense of unity. The interweaving of the male and female symbolizes partnership and one love, this logo is now recognized worldwide as the symbol of the 60s, the hippie era.

Historical lineage dates back to the renown luxury brand, the House of Houbigant. The original Musk formulation is Houbigant’s original Musk created back in 1968.

ADVERTISING in the 60’s The first ever created Musk Oil and packaging by Houbigant.

in the 70’s

The birth of Musk by ALYSSA ASHLEY marked a crucial time in the late 60s.

In 1969, influenced by the current world issues and cultural shift changes, the Musk Oil by ALYSSA ASHLEY launched with great success. The hippie generation embraced newness and the unknown.

As the popularity and demand for Musk Oil grew, a full collection was developed in compliment to the oil. From an Eau de Toilette to a selection of bath and body products.

Today, Musk by ALYSSA ASHLEY has a cult following worldwide.

ADVERTISING in the 70’s The first ever created Musk Oil and packaging by Houbigant.

The Collection
of MUSK in the 80’s

The evolution of the packaging took on the black and white concept with clear glass bottles to represent the simplicity of the male and female symbol.

The connection between the man and the woman, black and white, the yin to the yang.

ADVERTISING in the 80’s The Birth of #Dangerous but fun.

The Collection of MUSK in 90's

The bottles evolved to an updated contemporary feel,
modern and square with a gold cap.

ADVERTISING in the 90’s
The spirit of MUSK by ALYSSA ASHLEY was captured with a black and white shot of a man and a woman playfully seducing each other."Dangerous but fun"

The Fragrance

Musk raw material in the Parfumery

There are many legends surrounding the origins of Musk. The original marking scent of Musk Deer was discovered in the Orients and used for medicinal purposes. There are many benefits to the reddish-brown substance that is typically found in the deer’s naval, it was believed to be a natural aphrodisiac.

The natural seductive scent of Musk has been a favour among men and women. Empress Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, had a passion for fragrances. Her personal favourite was Musk, she used the aroma to seduce and secure the devotion of her husband. The popularity of Musk grew within the innovative trendsetters called the “Les Muscadins”.

ALYSSA ASHLEY prides itself on ensuring the highest of quality products. The Muck scent is replicated from the highest quality synthetic material.

The seductive androgynous scent is a warm, sweet, yet sultry scent. The rich oriental blend is made with over 100 of the world’s finest ingredients. Top notes of citrus warms into a floral and Sicilian Bergamot heart and ends with a sensual base of ins, oak moss width a touch of Vanilla and Tonka Bean to hypnotize your senses.