Perfumes that will take you to the set of multisensory films

Who has never been so involved in a film scene that he could actually smell it?

The sense of smell has an evocative power, capable of transporting you to another reality, such as the one in which the film is set. During these days, the Cannes Film Festival would have made anyone dream with new films and, when I heard the news of the official cancellation of this 73rd edition, I told myself: what if the opposite happened? If perfume gave the narrative emotion of a film? Cinema and film,have in fact intertwined their history since its origins and over the years stories in which perfumes and smell have played roles of the main character have been told, but what I would like to do is to tell you a film through a perfume, my perfume.


This is how I started a potentially infinite game: through the suggestive power of perfumes, I looked for the corresponding film for some of my fragrances. A previously unseen pastime in which the raw materials that are part of my universe have shaped, giving films that have always been loved a completely new and unexpected sense, that of smell.


With a single sense of smell, which can be considered the most powerful one, we will try to replace sight and hearing in an experience that becomes multisensory. Experience the atmosphere of great films through exotic and spicy, dandy and cosmopolitan scents that will shape settings, characters and stories in your mind.


My Patchouli Essence Takes You To Woodstock - Three Days of Peace and Music (1970)


Almost half a million young people gathered around Max Yosgur’s farm, 80 km from Woodstock (New York), on August 21, 1969, for an event that became a celebration of music, peace and free love.
Therefore a film that represents a generation, bringing the vision of a different, rebellious world, with the intention of releasing desire for life, refusal towards the pre-established order and traditional customs, but also of love towards everyone and everything, an unconditional love for the earth and for those who populate it.


My Patchouli, the hypnotic and seductive aroma that is well associated with the idea of ​​freedom, is the aromatic manifesto of the sexual revolution with a hint of excellence. An essence that surprises you with its olfactory, full-bodied and enveloping uniqueness based on patchouli, geranium and a final vanilla note. Try to spray it, then close your eyes, and you will find yourself in the middle of the most iconic and famous concert in the world.


On the exotic beaches of Gauguin in Tahiti - The Lost Paradise (2019) with Cocovanilla


The gourmand notes Cocovanilla fragrance are deliciously sunny and summery, and immediately evoke untouched pristine white beaches with a cobalt blue sea and a light breeze that delicately gazes the skin. Pleasant places that offered refuge to Paul Gauguin, the post-impressionist French artist running away from contemporary society and modern painting.


So set off for a paradise that provides a hypnotic appeal to travelers from all over the world: my Cocovanilla combines feelings of peace with those of inner well-being, and will give you that feeling of detachment from the stressful daily routine that the famous artist, as told in the film, had met, loved and from which he had been enchanted enough to choose them for the rest of his life.


Family atmosphere and return to the origins with 18 Presents (2020) evoked by my Musk


The core of this moving story, which talks about a bond between mother and daughter, is a studied intertwining of time. A third dimension demolished by a dreamlike atmosphere, which allows you to discover the value of each gift and the meaning of life.

I have been brought back in time, and just like the main character, I have been tied more intimately and indissolubly to my roots.


In this same way my Musk, with its precious formula, connects me to my path and has an invaluable emotional value for me, I also found connections to this ""familiar"" aspect in many of your experiences related to the product. I like to think that if there had been a nineteenth gift it would have been a perfume, perhaps with a very intimate and personal essence, with the power to create a very delicate aura around the wearer.


Ambre Gris for a trip to Casablanca (1942)


Gray amber has always nourished legends, vanity, power and elegance. My aim is to take you back to Casablanca through this fragrance, where the adventurer Rick, a charming New Yorker, runs a club. The protagonist is an apparently hard and cynical man, but surprisingly romantic and idealistic: contrasting characteristics make the character timeless, just like the olfactory notes of my Ambre Gris ensure never intrusive elegance, combining lemon and pink pepper, jasmine and Bulgarian rose with the sensuality of ambergris.


This intense perfume evokes even deeper olfactory sensations, let yourself be transported to Morocco: you will be amazed by the huge set of fragrances and perfumes that make Casablanca a cosmopolitan city, as well as a cult film, which you will not forget.


A splash of Fizzy and a dip in the memories of teenagers like in Grease (1978)


Sparkling, iconic and unforgettable, Grease has certainly marked an era: a light and lively film, just like my Fizzy. Sandy, the main character of the film, would certainly have worn a playful, positive and romantic fragrance, reflecting her personality.


The Fizzy fragrance, as its name indicates, evokes lightness and light-heartedness that recalls the last year of high school: a glamorous fragrance that would accompany Sandy and her friends in those moments of magical madness. By wearing Fizzy you will be transported through the innocent years, with the same sweetness and light-heartedness of the young protagonist of Grease.


Malèna's citrus Sicily (2000)


Re-experience the Sicily of the 1940s, a wonderful fresco is the background of this film, through an essence inspired by the aromas of a Sicilian garden: the notes of bergamot and lemon and the aromatic facets of lavender will make you walk alongside the co-protagonist of this film, a dynamic woman who does not break down when dealing with life's difficulties.


A fresh fragrance, like my Green Tea, that fascinates by realising vibrant and gritty energy, which perfectly matches Malèna’s dynamic and strong personality, which surely would have surely dedicated, at the end of a stressful day, an invigorating moment by wrapping herself in a cloud of this essence.


""Perfumes are powerful magicians who can transport you through your past years”, said American writer Helen Keller, deaf and blind since childhood.


And this is how it is: perfume has a persuasive power which is sometimes more convincing than the word and appearance, since you cannot escape this power that penetrates us. The fragrances are capable of sharing important life stories and are carefully selected and calibrated as a great director does for his films in my perfumes.


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